Barbagiuans take part in the first FIVE PADEL CUP


The FIVE PADEL CUP makes its beginning! From 17th to 19th April, BSG SRL of Rome invited personalities (sports but not only…) to participate to the tournament-event, organized around the practice of padel. Three days to celebrate the growth of this discipline, through the competition and various parallel initiatives. These will be conducted between the Principality of Monaco and the village of Eze, host of this first edition.

Let’s go for the FIVE PADEL CUP! From April 17 to 19, in the wake of the traditional Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament (April 8-16), lovers of the little yellow ball will be able to prolong the pleasure and watch the final sets of their dream week, in the heart of the beautiful village of Eze. But this time, padel will be the center of all attentions. Three days entirely dedicated to this discipline, that’s what BSG SRL of Rome is proposing with the organization of the FIVE PADEL CUP, an event with multiple stakes, where the stars will not be missed… What to participate in a concrete way to the rise of what many consider to be the most playful racket sport.

And for good reason! Padel is the perfect balance between conviviality, sharing (matches are played in doubles), physical effort and competition, for the most experienced.

Accessible to all because of the ease of learning, the simplicity of the rules, the design of the equipment and the conditions of play… everything has been planned to leave no one on the sidelines. « It is an activity that attracts. The beauty of padel is also in the diversity of the profiles of his players, more and more numerous in Italy and around the world » says Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO (chief executive officer) of BSG SRL.

The FIVE PADEL CUP, a new challenge for the Barbagiuans

Among the teams involved in this tournament, the spectators will have the pleasure to find the Barbagiuans. Created more than four decades ago by S.A.S Prince Albert II, the group has now no secrets for the local observers. With the organization of the FIGHT AIDS CUP*, which has become an essential part of the Monegasque sports landscape, the Barbagiuans are often associated with the game of football… For the president Louis Ducruet, the FIVE PADEL CUP represents an opportunity to widen the field of possibilities, by opening up to other disciplines. « Even if our favorite sector remains soccer, it is possible to diversify, thanks to the versatility of our members. Participating in such an event is a sign of the development of our entity », assures the nephew of the sovereign. Two Barbagiuans teams will be involved (4 players), each composed by emblematic figures of the AS Monaco. The opportunity for the local public to see again some of the most prolific players in the club’s history, in a very different context. Gaël Givet, a pillar of the Monegasque defense during the European epic in 2004, is in the hearts of all the red and white fans*. Retired from the fields, he is now a regular on the padel courts. An activity he discovered a few years ago and quickly became familiar with. « I immediately liked this discipline. It is technically easy to learn and the pleasure of playing soon appeared » underlines the former French international soccer player (12 caps), before continuing. « The FIVE PADEL CUP allows former professional sportsmen to get together to promote padel. It’s great! » Very enthusiastic before the start of the competition, Gaël Givet does not fail to recall « the honor and pride » felt every time he represents the Barbagiuans, as well as « the very important place that Monaco still holds in his heart. » Louis Ducruet is also keen to put a spotlight on the general state of mind that reigns around the group he leads. « The priority of the Barbagiuans is to bring together personalities who come largely from sport, for associative purposes. We are fortunate to have high-level athletes in the workforce who are sensitive to the values dear to my family and to the principality. » The nephew of Prince Albert II, also president of the Monegasque e-sport (gaming/video games) federation, adds. « We are very grateful for the availability of these players to take part in the Barbagiuans* events and, in fact, to defend the causes that affect us… »

Concept of the competition

This sporting event, born from the synergy between the entities of BSG SRL of Rome*, has for main objective « to highlight the universality of this sport by inviting at the same time and in an exceptional setting*, personalities from different horizons. It’s an opportunity for all participants to meet around a common interest », says Roberta Ceccarelli. As the name suggests, the FIVE PADEL CUP will bring together five tournaments that will take place simultaneously over two days (18-19)* at the Eze tennis/padel club, which will be entirely privatized for the event.

The organized competitions will be the following:

Youth tournament, mixed (winners of a contest set up by the Italian radio ZETA + members of the Eze padel school)

– Women’s tournament (Italian professionals + winners of the tournaments organized by MOVIMENTO PADEL FEMMINILE, an association dedicated to amateur players)

– Tournament for wheelchair padel players (all Italians + a French player of high level, from Nice, Dorian Navarro )

– Tournament of Managers / Business personalities

– Tournament dedicated to sports VIPs

Luigi Di Biagio, Gianluca Zambrotta… (others), this VIPs sports competition is the opportunity to put forward former glories of the Squadra Azzura (Italian national soccer team), but not only…

Sport at the service of charitable values

Beyond the field, this FIVE PADEL CUP will also be an opportunity to highlight certain fundamental causes. With 38.4 million HIV cases in 2021 (worldwide)*, prevention, support and permanent accompaniment of people living with AIDS are undeniably part of the major issues at stake. Essential values, dear to FIGHT AIDS MONACOFounded in 2004 by S.A.S Princess Stéphanie, the association has become, over the years and through its actions, a reference in the fight against HIV. In the Principality and elsewhere (notably with : « La maison de vie » in Carpentras ), it conducts an awareness campaign that is constantly increasing in intensity. BSG SRL, the company behind the FIVE PADEL CUP, wishes to highlight this dedication by designating FIGHT AIDS MONACO as the beneficiary of a part of their proceeds. « We are obviously very grateful to the organizers. This is an original action, an opportunity to promote our fight once again » says Hervé Aeschbach, coordinator of FIGHT AIDS MONACO, before adding. « It is thanks to such initiatives that the association has been pursuing and strengthening its commitment for almost 20 years… ». Aware of the general benefits that sport can have on various social issues, he is pleased that the values conveyed by FIGHT AIDS MONACO have found, beyond the FIGHT AIDS CUP, a new anchor point in such a vast domain. « There is no doubt that this field is, due to its universality, one of the most important vectors of communication with an ever-growing public. Sport, through the messages it spreads, is likely to influence mentalities, behaviours… it is an unavoidable means that allows us to accentuate the scope of our claims concerning the fight against HIV. »  Delighted to participate (under the aegis of the association) in a new event around « padel, a discipline in full expansion », Hervé Aeschbach does not hide his « pleasure to find the Barbagiuans group, faithful partner of FIGHT AIDS MONACO. »

Funds will also be donated to the « Fondazione HEAL*«  which financially supports the work of doctors and researchers involved in the fight against pediatric brain tumors. Many important sports personalities are regularly at the source of certain actions carried out by the « Fondazione Heal ».

The stage is set. Three days in an idyllic setting where sport, conviviality and a good cause will be one…