I am very proud and honoured to continue the Barbagiuans’ adventure. This association brings together my passion for football and my desire to support causes that are important to me, in the principality.


Louis Ducruet, President

We are Barbagiuans


Founded in 1980 under the leadership of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, in 2020 the unofficial football organisation Mune Autubecame the charitable organisation Barbagiuans of Monaco. Now under the presidency of Louis Ducruet, it brings together the legends of Monegasque football as well as other personalities linked to the principality, under one jersey.


The association has more than 60 members. Footballers and international celebrities who have left their mark on the principality, as well as amateurs. This sought-after combination of individuals makes it possible to retain the very essence of Barbagiuans while providing added value and a professional touch.