Barbagiuans co-organise the first edition of GLAM FOOT in Monaco !


A new major sporting event is coming to the Principality! On Tuesday 27 June, Monaco’s Espace Saint-Antoine will be the scene of the first edition of GLAM FOOT. This 5-a-side football tournament will bring together a host of celebrities who are well known to local and international football fans. Anthony Martial, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Valère Germain, Louis Ducruet… all will be present to honour the emergence of this competition, co-organised by the ‘GLAM FOOT’ association and that of the ‘Barbagiuans of Monaco’. 

The Monegasque sporting calendar continues to expand! In addition to historic events such as the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, 2023 will see the arrival of new events destined to become unmissable. Such is the case with GLAM FOOT. The foundation stone will be laid on Tuesday 27 June at the Espace Saint-Antoine in Monaco. With the presence of local football personalities such as Anthony Martial and Tiémoué Bakayoko, this year’s event will give red and white supporters a chance to relive their (not so distant) memories of the great years enjoyed by their beloved club. It’s also a way to forget the season that recently came to an end… But it doesn’t stop there! Franck Kessié (FC Barcelona), Éric Bailly (Manchester United), André Ayew (Nottingham Forest)… will complete a cast that includes some of Europe’s most prestigious teams. All of them will be taking part in GLAM FOOT, a 5-a-side football competition where the stakes go far beyond the pitch.


Organised by the « Barbagiuans de Monaco », in partnership with « GLAM FOOT » and its honorary president Anthony Martial, the event will take place as follows. Four teams of five to seven players (potential substitutes) will compete on the indoor pitches provided at the heart of the Espace Saint-Antoine. Each team will represent a different association by taking part in the tournament. It’s another opportunity to promote the Principality’s charitable values through a major sporting event. « Monaco will always hold a special place in my heart, » says Anthony Martial, who is delighted to be setting up GLAM FOOT in the land of his first great performances at the highest level. Most of the participants will be current football stars, accompanied by other personalities from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them are particularly popular with the younger generation.

The teams taking part in the competition:

– TEAM Louis Ducruet, « Barbagiuans de Monaco » association

  – TEAM Anthony Martial, « GLAM FOOT » association

– TEAM JPK, « JPK healthcare » association

– TEAM SISIK (French influencer), « Or Bleu » association

All the teams involved will face each other in a championship format. This will establish an initial ranking as soon as the matches are over. This will be followed by the match for third place (3rd against 4th) and the grand final of the tournament (1st against 2nd) at the end of the day. The winners will receive a trophy designed by local artist Sullivan Générale (ACIDE ART). A keen football fan, he says he is « proud to be involved in a major event like this. Giving my time for a good cause is particularly important to me. »

The funds raised will be divided equally between the various associations represented at this first GLAM FOOT event.

Louis Ducruet / Anthony Martial, together for a good cause

The project, which was launched this year, brings together two of Monaco’s leading football figures. Under the aegis of the « GLAM FOOT » and « Barbagiuans » associations, Anthony Martial and Louis Ducruet have decided to join forces to design an exceptional event around their shared passion. Not forgetting the interest they both have in certain fundamental everyday causes...  » The group’s main objective is to mobilise sports stars in support of charitable causes, » explains Louis Ducruet. The chairman of the Barbagiuans adds. « Making a significant contribution to the organisation of an event such as this is therefore consistent with our guiding principle. It’s also an opportunity to broaden our field of action by getting closer to new humanitarian organisations. » Alongside his professional career, Anthony Martial has been at the heart of various charity projects since several years. The French international recognises himself in these values of sharing, support and accompaniment… It’s a state of mind that he has decided to put to good use for those who need it most. « It’s very important to give visibility to the actions carried out on a daily basis, which aim to help others, » says Anthony Martial, before continuing. « I’m lucky enough to be a top-level footballer. It’s a sport that speaks to everyone and gets a lot of media coverage. So I make sure that I use my reputation to the best of my ability, in the service of good causes. » The Manchester United striker is now one of the leading players in his position, both in the English league and on a global scale. He regularly rubs shoulders with some of the game’s biggest names. When asked about the willingness of some of them to come and support GLAM FOOT, the former Monaco man was extremely grateful. « We play in a very competitive environment, but that hasn’t stopped us from making some great friendships. That also translates into situations like this… I’d like to thank them for being there. » Led by Anthony Martial in particular, many of today’s players have made a date to meet in the Principality on 27 June. Louis Ducruet is delighted to be able to « satisfy the expectations of a younger audience ».

The stage is set…

SISIK, the influencer with a big heart

With over 334,000 followers on Instagram alone, Sisik is now one of the most followed influencers on social networks. Very close to his community, he doesn’t hesitate to share his daily life with transparency. Present at the competition, Sisik will be representing the « Or Bleu » association ( ), of which he is the ambassador. « I take this role very seriously », says Sisik, who also has a career as a rapper*. « Every time I drink water, my first thought is for those who aren’t so lucky… reaching out to them is essential. » Aware of the current realities, Sisik is not fatalistic. « Honoured to be able to play with the stars of world football », he nevertheless remains focused on the main objective of his arrival at GLAM FOOT. To further promote the commitment and values defended by the ‘Or Bleu’ association for almost eight years now… « Taking part in this kind of sporting event is bound to help raise the profile of the fight we are leading. It’s a real opportunity. »Accompanied in the team by other personalities of influence and even of song, the ambassador says he is « grateful » to his partners for « the availability they have shown and their dedication, in the service of the good cause. I’m delighted to be able to count on them. »

As you can understand, this first edition of GLAM FOOT is very promising. Louis Ducruet sees it as a real « launching pad for future events, where the stakes will be even higher ». Determined, Anthony Martial also wants the event to continue and grow in popularity over the long term. « Obviously, ideally, I’d prefer to live in a world where everything goes well everywhere and for everyone. But that’s not the case, and that’s why associations are necessary. You have to help them, and as long as they need me, I’ll be there… ».